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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor

A good PDF tool for editing PDF with rich functions!

  • User friendly interface without any programming skills;
  • Easily control edit of PDF file;
  • Fast add text, line, images, circle, hyperlinks etc;
  • Save edited PDF for later re-edit;
  • Export PDF page(s) to image(s): jpg, png, tiff, bmp.
  • Publish PDF and view PDF as page flipping book.
  • Modify PDF properties: edit PDF title, author, subject, keyword and document security(password to open document, permissions of PDF file)
  • Would like to make page flipping book from PDF: PDF to flash flipping book
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Flash Player 10.0+

  • Introduction
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FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor is a good PDF tool for editing PDF with rich functions. As we well know that PDF file is common and popular office document in current society, then we would probably to edit PDF file from time to time. How to save time to edit PDF without specialize programming skills? Today we provide you free FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor, the rich function of it is that you can easily to add line, text, arrow, circle, rectangle, hyperlinks and images to PDF file in order to modify PDF more fantastic and perfect. What’s more, if you would like the pictures of PDF pages, you can even export all PDF pages or partial PDF pages to images, that’s an amazing function of FlashFlippingBook PDF editor. All these edit are very easy with FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor. Only in simple steps can you finish the last edit of PDF file fast and easily.

1. Clear layout of FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor

The layout of f FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor is very neat and clear for you to control edit of PDF. Two interfaces of FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor: Home and Edit. As you can see that in home interface of FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor, you can easily import and publish PDF, save and open project, and even view PDF as paeg flipping book with clicking “Build to Flipbook”. And in the edit interface, you can edit PDF easily with insert shape, font, shape style, color and line style, align shape, clipboard, edit columns.


2. Export PDF to image(s)

The amazing function of FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor is that you can export PDF page(s) to image(s), as you can choose to export all PDF pages or partial PDF pages as images. And you can even choose the exported images format, such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF.

3.Insert hyperlinks on each pages with ease

You might like to insert hyperlinks on each page to lead more viewers to visit your web pages, if so, why not use FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor? As in the FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor, you can easily to insert hyperlinks with clicking “link” icon and input the link URL. In addition, you can even use the copy and paste function of FlashFlippingBook PDF Editor to copy the links to each page. Don’t you think it’s really save your time?


4. Edit PDF more flexible with control bars

You might be tired to find the page you would like to edit with some PDF editors, or you might have trouble in viewing PDF file clearly when you edit PDF with some PDF editors, now we would like to provide you more flexible PDF editor for you. You can easily to find the page from thumbnail panel, zoom in or zoom out PDF page for better viewing. In addition, fit width button, fit height button, buttons to navigate pages would also make you edit PDF with convenience.


5. Rich functions of customizing text

You can easily to add word description, text introduction, and slogans into pages to edit PDF richer. Then you can easily to customize the font, font size, align text with FlashFlippingBook PDF editors.



Would like to convert PDF to flash flipping book: PDF to flash flipping book


Introduction of PDF to Flash Flipping Book


PDF to Flash Flipping Book is powerful flipbook creator to make fantastic flipping book from static PDF file. With the help of PDF to Flash Flipping Book, you can make an interactive flip book in few minutes and public it with flexibility. Moreover, PDF to flash flipping book would help you to convert PDF to flipping boook with flipping page. No matter flip pages with realistic page turning effect, or inserted background image and even embedded beautiful background music, all these fantastic features in the wonderful eBooks will let readers experience differently and excitedly. In addition, turn your publication into an efficient marketing tool. Link your publication to your Google Analytics account to monitor its popularity. This tool will help you to build a more effective strategy for dealing with your clients and business partners.



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