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View Flipping Book on Apple New Device iPhone 5

Date: September 18, 2012create page flipping gift to friends

Let’s keep our eyes on the Apply new device iPhone 5 for a while. The iPhone 5 has begun selling at several days ago, and the analysts tracking the orders also said the demand of iPhone 5 was very intense so that some customers can’t receive the pre-ordered devices until next month. And the most amazing news is that Apple announced that the iPhone 5 had sold 2 million of the devices in the first 24 hours and double the record set by the iPhone 4S. Why iPhone 5 is so popular?

There is no doubt that the iPhone 5 has improved and added some new functions on the basics of iPhone 4S. The new technology is developing fast and customers would also like new products with convenience. The development of technology would also change the way of people to consume, if so many people own iPhone 5, how can you improve the online sales of online books?


The text of books is the most important part in enjoying good sales, but the way to show the book would be also important. For the development of technology, the way of showing e-book has also improved. It’s flipping book with book-look appearance, page flipping effect and convenient control bars which can make people to enjoy reading on PC, Mac and Mobile device(iPad, iPhone, Android mobile devices). Especially people can enjoy reading flipping book on new device of iPhone 5. There are an increasing number of people to own iPhone 5 or other mobile devices, don’t you think it’s a good way to improve the sales of online books?

flipping book


The various ways of viewing flipping book would easily expand the exposure of flipping book so that to catch more viewers. How to create flipping book and publish it online?

The easy flipping book maker is PDF to Flash Flipping Book which help you to convert PDF to page flip book in few minutes and decorate it with beautiful appearance which can leave good first impression for readers. The most important thing is that you can publish flipping book online and enable people to view it by various ways, especially via mobile devices.



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