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How can I share my flipbook online?

Hello I want to know how can I publish flipbook online so that I can easily share with friends by sending link or share on social networks online easily.

There are three methods for you to publish flipbook online sand share it online easily and fast.

Firstly, publish the flipbook on your own website. It’s easy for you to publish created flipbook to website, once you have outputted the flipbook you just need to upload all the flipbook files to website. The detailed steps you can see:


Secondly, use “Upload Online” service of our program. Click “Upload Online” to sign an account then upload flipbook by your account. The flipbook would be uploaded on FlipBuilder server.


Thirdly, use Dropbox to publish flipbook if you don’t have website or uploaded tools. Steps to publish flipbook by Dropbox:

Step 1: Create an account of Dropbox

create account of Dropbox


Step 2: Make output path of flipbook as”../Dropbox/Public/flipping-book(your flipbook name)”, please make sure the flipbook output directory is in the Public folder of Dropbox.

define the output path of flipbook


Step 3: The flipbook would be uploaded to Dropbox website automatically. Then when the arrow of folder becomes green, it means the flipbook has been uploaded successfully. Right click the “index.html” file and copy the public link. The public link like:

copy public link of flipbook


You can send the link to friends for reading online easily and also enable them to share flipbook by social networks or email easily.

Enjoy your time to make flip book by our flipping book maker.




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