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Upload flipping book online without domain or server?

As there are some customers don’t have their website to publish flash flipping book, now we are here to talk about how to upload flipping book without own domain or server. There is one way we would like to share with you: upload flipping book online by dropbox.


Dropbox is like a server which would enable you to upload files and share with others easily. Now follow us to upload flipping book online by dropbox:

Step 1: Create an account in Dropbox

create an account in dropbox to upload flipping book


Step 2: When you convert PDF to flash flipping book, you should choose the output path as “…\Dropbox\Public\flipbook, and at the same time please make the output type of flipping book should be “html”. Please make sure the output flipping book in the “Public” folder.

flipping book in Public folder


Step 3: Open the “flipbook” folder, right click to share online, then you can browse the files on dropbox website.

upload flipping book on dropbox


Step 4: Right click the “index.html” to copy public link, the public link like:, then you can send the link to other people for viewing your flash flipping book online.


More information about upload flipping book by Dropbox.





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