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Limited pages of PDF to import?

Hey we are really thinking about PDF to flash flipping book seriously but we have encountered a problem with the downloaded trial version of it. We tried to import more than 200 pages of PDF file but it only took 10 pages. Is that something difference to the trial version or is it that actual limit of the flash flipping book maker?



Hey dear friend, that’s not the limit of flash flipping book maker, and the pages capacity of trial version and paid version is unlimited.

When you import PDF, you have two ways to choose: import all pages, import custom range pages. What’s more, you can also use “quickly import” to make preview. For the quickly import, only import 10 pages to initial preview. So if you click this one, you might only see the flash flipping book with only 10 pages.

quickly import option of flash flipping book maker


So please be sure you have not selected this option when you import PDF.





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