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Page Flipping – The Fresh Way to Experience the Changed E-book

Date: October 19th, 2012

For little kids, they might be attracted by the comic book with fantastic images and vivid story. And the adult is not an exception, reading e-book with dynamic images would be an enjoyment. People would like to pursue new things in order to have fun, but for repeated job would easily make them feel weary and irritated.

Reading plain book or e-book would be less and less in their life. So thanks for the page flipping book software which can make people to experience a fresh way to read e-book in page flipping style with traditional book like, interesting appearance and tool bars. Especially if people have speakers on, people can also hear the sound of paper rustling which can make people to enjoy a realistic and funny reading, don’t’ you think so? Moreover, make e-book with background music is also possible by the flipping book software.

new and fresh experience of reading e-book in page flipping book style


The flipping book software would be useful for e-book publishers and also for person. For example, PDF to Flash Flipping Book is an easy flipping book software – convert any PDF to page flipping book in few minutes. That’s to say that you can read any PDF file in page flipping book style, such as PDF novel, PDF catalog, PDF magazine, PDF booklet, PDF news… For e-book publishers, you can easily make .html page flipping style e-book by the easy flipping book software, then embed it on your e-book web page and publish it on your own website. The process is really easy. Don’t you think it’s really time-saving and cost-saving? More importantly, the fresh way to read e-book in page flipping style would totally please more readers. So there is no doubt that your e-books would enjoy a good sale.

How about using flipping book software personally? And is it also possible for person to publish flipping book online without website?

People can easily use the flipping book software to make comic book, animation, music book or any other documents you would like to read it in page flipping style. The amazing thing is that people can also publish flipping book online directly by the flipping book software without any FTP tools.

In conclusion, one easy flipping book software would make your life more interesting and easily, so why not to experience the fresh reading of changed e-book?



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