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Make flash flipping book without any programming skills

Do you know flash flipping book? What would you when you search on line? Do you have hobbit to read digital book online or offline? What kind of digital book you have read? Maybe the e-book format is E-pub, right? Today we would like to introduce one new style of digital book in current e-commerce. It’s flash flipping book.

flash flipping book screen shot


The most apparent difference between flash flipping book and digital book is that it has flipping page effect which can make readers to read with fun and enjoy a new reading style.

The second difference is that you can make flash flipping book by yourself without any programming skills. Only you should so is to own one PDF file, then you can convert PDF to flash flipping book by our flip book maker – PDF to Flash Flipping Book.

The third difference is that you can customize flash flipping book with adding background music, changing flipping time, set auto flip pages…

No matter you are a publisher or a reader, you can benefit a lot from this flip book maker, moreover, you can find more fun with using this tool.

How to make flash flipping book by PDF to flash flipping book?

There are three steps:

Step 1: Import PDF. You can import PDF file when you click “Import PDF”, what’s more, you can even convert batch PDF files.

import PDF


Step 2: Customize flash flipping book. You can customize flash flipping book with design setting and bookmark options. For example, you can design templates settings with tool bar settings (add background music etc.), flash display settings (page shadow, background image etc.) and flash control settings (Google Analytics ID etc.). In addition, you can also add bookmark for your flash flipping book.

customize flash flipping book settings


Step 3: Click “Convert To Flipping Book” to finish the last step to create flash flipping book. Various output formats for publications: Html, zip, exe and app, moreover, you can also make mobile version of flash flipping book which can be run on ipad, iphone and Android mobile devices.

output format options


It’s very simple to make flash flipping book by this flip book maker, don’t you think so?


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