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Make a record of 2012 London Olympic Games

Date: July 31th 2012

Last night, there was an exciting moment for Great Britain in Gymnastics Competition. Congratulations! Would you like to freeze these moments of Gymnastics Competition last night? You might keep some photos on computer, but why not make a photo album or small brochure to record these moments?


Meanwhile, someone would also feel sad in this competition too, but we should not blame anyone of them. As in my heart everyone is excellent, and everyone would make mistakes sometimes. It’s regret that one of the best athletes in Japan was hurt during the game. Every athlete should be respected, as they have finish games completely. At the last moment of Gymnastics Competition, I can see tears from different people. The tears have totally touched me…

Then I got an idea to make a small book to record these moments in Olympic Games by our easy flash flipping book maker. With easy flash flipping book maker, I can make a small brochure or photo album easily in few mintues and it won't take me too much time. It would be very meaningful for me to read it in the future and I would also share with my friends and colleagues.

If you want to find some ways to record moments of 2012 Olympic Games, why not make a small e-book or photo album easily by yourself?

small photo album of London Olympic Games


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Enjoy your time to watch 2012 London Olympic Games.



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