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Create Featuring Online Book Store with Flash Flipping Book

Date: September 28, 2012

There are thousands of online book stores in current internet market and everyday there are also thousands of people would buy books from online stores. But what kind of book store would catch more eye-balls? There is no doubt the book, the price, the service, the quality would be important. But besides these factors, make your online book store featuring would be also crucial.


Do you know nowadays more and more youth would own iPhone, iPad, Android and other portable devices which are functional for them to entertain, learn, consume and even do business? You might have realized the portable devices would deeply affect the sales of your book in the long term. So how to make changes in order to survive and even get more readers? Create featuring online book store with flash flipping book might be an easy way for you to make changes which can enable you improve popularity of store.

So what’s flash flipping book? How to create featuring online book store with special book?

Flash flipping book is a new style e-book with book-like appearance, page flipping effect and control bars which can be easily viewed on PC, Mac and Mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and so on. One of the amazing elements of flash flipping book is that you can easily embed it to web page which allows people to read some pages of book but not just a cover of the book. In addition, you can also provide two versions of book, one is the paper book and the other is e-book which can meet different people’s requirement. Don’t you think it’s an easy way to get more readers?

flash flipping book - new style e-book


Then you would think making flash flipping book would cost you much and also need special programming skills. Good news to you, there is an easy flip book maker which can allow you make flash flipping book in few minutes without any programming skills. The easy tool is PDF to Flash Flipping Book. With the easy tool, you can convert any PDF books to flash flipping book and embed it to online store. What’s more, making right to left flipping e-book in Arabic and creating a hardcover comic book are also easy by this book maker. Don’t you think it would make your online book store featuring and unique?

In a word, make changes would be the only way to be survived in the fierce competition. Making changes, in other words, it’s innovation. Just like Facebook which recently provided a new service – Facebook Gift.



Free Download: PDF to Flash Flipping Book

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