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PUB HTML 5 is magazine publishing software from, the esteemed developer for flipbook maker software. “We are glad to announce that recently we have come up with our latest version of magazine publishing software. The new version has been developed with all bugs fixed & the system assures a smoother run now. We promise that all our users will receive much better experience with our recently upgraded magazine publishing software”, said the spokesperson from PUB HTML5.


The manager also disclosed their idea on the newly developed weed themed template. He said that the theme would be loved by nature lovers. In his own words-“We have earlier designed many scenic Digital Magazine templates with gorgeous views, beautiful flowers & varied glamorous things. But this time we wanted to take a different route and thus have focused on the inconspicuous weeds. These weed themes with weed backgrounds will explore an unknown yet pleasing view of the ordinary grasses”. He added that these free of cost downloadable templates will help the user to save a great deal of time as it takes only a few moments to create the Digital Magazine.

When it comes to sharing flip book created by the latest version of 3D PageFlip Professional into CD, it just takes 4 easy steps for the users to share the created flippingbook into CD. In the first step, the user will design up his preferred flippingbook through the latest magazine publishing software application. In the next step, the user would have to click on “Convert to Flipping Book” followed by a check on “Burn to CD” slot. The slot would be located in Output Option.

Firstly, the most outstanding feature of magazine publishing software is that it enables great effect. It is so cool that the Digital Magazine can be rotated and viewed in the 360 degree vision.  template,  video and  photo wall can be displayed in a standalone Digital Magazine . Readers will love  effect as it is able to bring impressive impact to eyes and ear. In the field of film and television,  technology is popular. A  film creates a truly immersive experience. Hollywood blockbuster Titanic was even released in to coincide the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking in 2012. Besides, extravaganza Avatar is another popular film which presents fabulous sights.